For the Love of Fishnet Socks!

If anyone knows me they know I have a complete obsession with fishnet socks. So it seems fitting that my first blog post would be dedicated to them. The socks can be added to almost any outfit, giving the most simplest of outfit choices a quirky touch. Pair them with trainers for a more laid... Continue Reading →

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Forget Goldilock! Its all about them silver locks!

Hey Sweeties! So I've had a lot of messages about how I've got my hair too its current colour. The truth is it hasn't been easy it has taken a hell of a lot of experiments and many failed attempts but finally after three years of trying I have the silver hair I've dreamed of!... Continue Reading →

The joys of BPD!

Part 1 So the past month or so I haven't really been active on here, I've been really lost in my own mind and really struggling to break free. This has led me to this latest blog post! Its going to be a bit different from my usual fashion based posts but hopefully it will... Continue Reading →

Pleats and Skirts!

Sorry guys I haven't been very active on here recently! I wish I could say that was because I was busy doing exciting things but the truth is I was working and looking after my poorly babies. Everything is back to normal now and I'm back to talk about the pleated midi skirt. This item... Continue Reading →

Its all about the MUSTARD!

  Okay, so if you quickly scan through my insta it becomes very obvious that the colour I'm wearing most this season is mustard! I will literally try to incorporate the yellow colour into every outfit I wear. So I clearly love mustard anyway! (It is my favourite colour.) but this autumn its going to... Continue Reading →

Autumn Cords!

When I was younger I remember absolutely hating any clothing made from corduroy but the trend is making a big return and this time around I’m obsessed. My favourite corduroy piece at the moment is the black corduroy pocket from pinafore dress from New Look. A dress I was that in love with that I... Continue Reading →

My name is Christina and welcome to my blog, a digital destination for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. After graduating university I didn’t have a clue what the next step in my life would be. It became apparent that if it wasn’t something fashion related I wouldn’t be happy. Struggling to find a job... Continue Reading →

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