Pleats and Skirts!

Sorry guys I haven’t been very active on here recently! I wish I could say that was because I was busy doing exciting things but the truth is I was working and looking after my poorly babies. Everything is back to normal now and I’m back to talk about the pleated midi skirt.

This item is going to become a staple item in many girls wardrobes through the Autumn/ Winter season. Its already become a very relevant item in my closet. I have so many in different colours, fabrics and prints. Meaning its really easy to find one to suit you no matter what your style is.


The pleated midi skirt is so versatile, giving you plenty of options on how to style it, from dressing it up with a pair of heels to dressing it down with a pair of trusty converse. My everyday styling of these skirts consists of a knitted jumper partially tucked in, a chunky belt (I tend to wear a mans belt) and a pair of converse. I absolutely love this look as it is so comfy and simple but looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into your outfit.

There are so many places to get one of these skirts! I’ve bought them everywhere including stores such as Primark, DebenhamsH&M and even supermarket stores such as Tesco.

Shop My Favourites!

hmgoepprod     037020328694_sc-e1541639471161.jpg     103030481672_sc-e1541639603963.jpg

10192533-1-red.jpg      10880623-1-wine      hmgoepprod






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